Client Reviews

Would we recommend him? Absolutely 100%.

Recently we found ourselves in shock when one of our kids got into legal trouble. We had no clue where to turn or what to do. During our research we came across Jonas’ webpage. To us it was important that we hire the best legal help we could. That we find someone who would fight to protect our kid as much as we would, someone who cared and would be honest with us, someone whose past clients said could be trusted. We sent an email to his office to see if our case was the type of case he handled and were amazed how quickly and perfectly things fell into place. Jonas called us personally – during the call he repeatedly said “It is serious but it’s going to be OK Mom.” He was right. It was serious, but it is going to be OK. Would we recommend him? Absolutely 100%. He didn’t pull any punches with us. He was honest and forthright. He helped us through a very trying time in our lives and we are grateful.

Grateful Client

Talented, thorough, tough-minded and tenacious.

Mr. Bednarek is, without question, a talented, thorough, tough-minded and tenacious attorney. He is an advocate for no one but you. He knows how the law and the jurisprudence system can work together to his clients benefit and makes it happen. Highest recommendation!

Satisfied Client

A really honest lawyer…you won’t be disappointed.

Jonas goes above and beyond what you think he’s going to do for you and more, just talking to him makes you feel safe about your problems. And he does what he says he’s going to do for you and your situation. Just a really honest lawyer, makes you feel relaxed, and no worries. Just hire him, you won’t be disappointed.

Tod W.

Would highly recommend.

Both Jonas and Amber were very knowledgeable and courteous. Both were very helpful during follow up even after my case was adjudicated. Would highly recommend.

Satisifed Client

A+ in all areas !

Jonas made my OWI process through the initial visit with him until the end very easy. I felt humiliation about the whole situation, but his whole team made me feel that we all make mistakes. And that the law is dual sided and with excellent representation in court that the whole legal process is actually not as awful as one would perceive. A+ in all areas!

Satisfied Client


Jonas was a wonderful attorney. I felt that he always had my best interest at heart and explained things well and in a timely manner. It is a stressful time when an attorney is needed, and his staff and him made it a lot less stressful.

Satisfied Client

Very Good Lawyer !

David Saperstein is a very good lawyer. He understands the needs of a client and will not steer you wrong on your case. From the moment we started discussing my case David put me at ease that I hired the right law firm. With his knowledge and calm manner …I cannot’ say enough positive about him. You would be smart to retain his skill set.


Fantastic Representation.

David was very educated about the law. He was always on top of responding to any and all questions I had regarding my case. Along with providing me with the best representation I could have hoped for.

Satisfied Client

3rd OWI Charge Dropped.

David filed a motion to suppress the traffic stop saying it was not a justified stop and the motion passed, so all charges were dropped. He is a great attorney and really did his homework to make this work.


Jonas went above and beyond for my son.

Jonas went above and beyond for my son.  This included attending a meeting with the school my child attends.  He was also available for follow-up questions regarding my child’s return to school.  He was very knowledgeable of the law and how it applied to my child.


Jonas and his associates put me at ease.

Attorney Bednarek was terrific at handling my case.  He and his associates put me at ease throughout the process and prepared me for eventualities that I hadn’t considered, saving me a fair amount of time and money.  I’m very glad that I secured his services and would definitely recommend him to anybody in need of legal representation that is both skilled and affordable.

Satisifed Client

A steadfast proponent of my rights & innocence.

Attorney Bednarek was a steadfast proponent of my rights and innocence throughout the long tenuous fight with the state of Wisconsin. Without him and his team I would be writing project innocence instead of this review. For this I am forever in his debt. I would highly recommend him for an attorney and advocate.


Incredibly helpful in dropping my charges.

David was incredibly helpful in dropping my charges in an efficient and timely manner. Both David and Amber were very responsive whenever contacted and I felt all my questions were addressed. I certainly will be referring them to friends seeking counsel. Thanks again, Bednarek.


Could not have expected a better outcome.

I would like to thank you and the rest of the team for everything. I am completely satisfied with how Bednarek Law Office represented me. You thoroughly explained the details of the case. If I had questions you made the effort to get me answers. You charged a fair fee for your services, and I was very pleased with the outcome. I could not have expected a better outcome than what I got.


Reduced my stress level.

Thank you for handling my case. Having a representative with experience reduced my stress level. You were very knowledgeable and professional. I appreciate all of your hard work.


Jonas helped me reclaim my life.

I would highly recommend Mr. Bednarek for a variety of legal representation. I had a tricky federal traffic case that very few lawyers were skilled enough to complete effectively. Jonas did a great job and he made the process as seamless and painless as possible. He’s experienced, intelligent, honest and very easy to talk to. Nobody wants to run into legal problems, but who you choose to represent you is extremely important. Jonas was in my corner and he helped me reclaim my life.


I used Bednarek Law Office and was greatly pleased with the entire experience.

I feel I was able to voice my concerns in regards to the situation and was always provided with great feedback and multiple options. They were very knowledgeable and I felt comfortable knowing they were handling my case. My outcome was better than expected and I couldn’t be anymore grateful!​